Zoning Ordinance

*This Edition includes Ordinance Update No. 98 (05/16)

Part One: Basic Provisions

Purpose of Zoning Ordinance

Definitions of Zoning Ordinance

Part Two: Use Regulations

All zones (Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, etc.)

Supplemental Limitations on uses

Part Three: Animal Regulations

Kinds of animals allowed

How many allowed

Animal Enclosure Regulations

Part Four: Development Regulations


Lot Size

Building Type

Floor Area Ratio

Building Height


Part Five: Special Area Regulations

Airport Area

Flood Plain

Community Design Review

Historic Regulations

Scenic Regulations

Part Six: General Regulations

Temporary Use Regulations

Accessory Use Regulations

Parking Regulations

Miscellaneous Regulations

Part Seven: Procedures

Part Eight: Village Regulations

8001 Fallbrook Village Regulations

8700 Ramona Village Center Regulations

8900 Alpine Village Core Regulations


Ordinance No. 5281 (New Series), Adopted - October 18, 1978.  Effective - December 19, 1978.


*Important Note: The Zoning Ordinance is continually undergoing additions, deletions, and alterations. Up-to-date ordinance information is available at the Zoning Information Counter at the Department of Planning and Development Services. Any questions regarding possible changes in zoning ordinances should be directed to the Zoning Information Counter - (858) 565-5981.

Zoning Ordinance Summary

Individual Land Uses: Alphabetical List, by Type

For persons holding copies of the San Diego County Zoning Ordinance, you can print the revised pages to update your copy of the Zoning Ordinance at these links:

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Update No. 98 (05/16)

Update No. 97 (11/14)

Update No. 96 (9/14) 

Update No. 95 (2/14)  

Update No. 94 (11/13)  

Update No. 93 (10/13)  

Update No. 92 (6/13)   

Update No. 91 (3/13)    

Update No. 90 (11/12)  

Update No. 89 (7/12)    

Update No. 88 (4/12)    

Update No. 87 (9/11)    

Update No. 86 (2/11)    

Update No. 85 (1/11)    

Update No. 84 (10/10)  

Update No. 83 (9/10)    

Update No. 82 (7/10)