Probation Department Facts

The Probation Department’s mission is to protect community safety, reduce crime and assist victims, through offender accountability and rehabilitation. The Department has developed a wide variety of community outreach prevention programs to strengthen families, suppress gang activity, and address alcohol and drug abuse to reduce criminal activity. These programs, created in collaboration with the courts, law enforcement, health agencies, schools, social service agencies, and other community-based organizations are located throughout San Diego County.

Administrative Facts for Fiscal Year 2008/09

  • The department consists of 1,025 sworn and 279 non-sworn staff, which is divided into five divisions: Administration, Support Staff, Juvenile Field Services, Adult Field Services, and Institutions
  • The chief probation officer, three deputy chief probation officers, probation services manager, and 13 directors administer a budget of $176 million.
  • Staff is located in 17 main facilities and many more are out stationed at community-based organizations and law enforcement outlets.

Juvenile Supervision Facts for Fiscal Year 2008/09

  • Field officers supervise 4,784 youth in the community, 140 of which attend school at a Probation-run facility. The department supervises an average of 360 juvenile gang members and 125 juvenile sex offenders.
  • Probation officers executed 7,279 4th waiver searches on juveniles.
  • Probation staff made a total of 92,462 in person contacts with juvenile probationers.
  • The Community Assessment Teams case managed 2,715 clients and served a total of 7,834. Of the 2,025 case managed clients who exited the program during the fiscal year, only 1.1% was convicted of a new crime.
  • Intake and Investigations officers processed 5,087 felony referrals and 4,077 misdemeanor referrals from law enforcement.
  • Officers contacted 4,054 victims to inform them of their rights and collect a victim impact statement.
  • Home supervision officers made 85,266 contacts on 4,661 cases.
  • 70.8% of juveniles terminating from probation during the fiscal year had no new law violations during their time on probation.

Adult Supervision Facts for Fiscal Year 2008/09

  • Adult Field Services supervises 17,486 adults in the community of which more than a third (5,389) are between 18-25 years old.
  • Investigations officers completed 11,035 pre-sentence investigations, 1,470 post sentence reports, and 1,058 expungements.
  • Probation officers supervising adults executed 13,759 4th waiver searches.
  • Probation staff made a total of 131,328 in person contacts with adult probationers.
  • Officers contacted 8,328 victims to inform them of their rights to restitution and take a victim impact statement.
  • 8,769 Work Project public service workers completed 410,072 community service hours.
  • Six court officers provided 12,480 hours of court service.
  • The adult gang unit intensively supervises 430 gang members.
  • There are 440 registered sex offenders on probation.
  • 66.3% of adults terminating from probation during the fiscal year had no new law violations during their time on probation.

Institutions Facts for Fiscal Year 2008/09

  • Kearny Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility (KMJDF) and East Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility (EMJDF) booked a combined 5,225 males and 1,357 females into custody.
  • KMJDF housed an average of 272 youth and EMJDF housed an average of 234 youth per day.
  • The average length of stay at KMJDF was 16 days.
  • The average length of stay at EMJDF was 30 days.
  • It costs $237.64 per day to house detainees at KMJDF.
  • Parents are billed $31 per day for each youth held at either KMJDF or EMJDF.
  • 756 boys successfully completed the Juvenile Ranch Facility program.
  • 326 boys successfully completed the Camp Barrett program.
  • 151 girls successfully completed the Girl’s Rehabilitation Facility program.