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The Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) is a federal block grant program created by Congress in 1974. CDBG-funded projects must satisfy one of three national program objectives:

  • Provide a benefit to low and moderate income persons,
  • Prevent or eliminate slums and blight, or
  • Meet needs having a particular urgency.

Eligible activities broadly include:

  • Real property acquisition,
  • Public facilities and improvements,
  • Public services,
  • Economic development, and
  • Housing development and rehabilitation.

CDBG recipients are required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development (HUD) to prepare a five-year Consolidated Plan for long-term planning purposes.  The 2005-2010 County of San Diego Consortium Consolidated Plan provides a demographic profile, an assessment of housing and community development needs, and strategies for addressing the identified needs each year.

The County's CDBG funds are awarded through two separate processes based on the proposed activity. The majority of projects are awarded through the County of San Diego CDBG Application Process.

In addition to funding housing and shelter programs, the County also allocates CDBG funds toward various community improvements in the Urban County area. Participating cities, community residents, nonprofit organizations and other county departments may submit CDBG proposals.

County of San Diego Consortium 2010-2015 Consolidated Plan/2010-11 Annual Funding Plan

County of San Diego Consortium 2011-2012 Annual Funding Plan

County of San Diego Consortium 2012-2013 Annual Funding Plan

County of San Diego Consortium 2013-2014 Annual Funding Plan

County of San Diego Consortium 2014-2015 Annual Funding Plan

County of San Diego Consortium 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan/2015-16 Annual Funding Plan

CDBG-funded projects must meet one of three CDBG national objectives listed above.  Most projects qualify due to their benefit to lower income persons.

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HUD CDBG Program Regulations


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