Redevelopment Agency Housing Program

The County of San Diego Redevelopment Agency has two project areas, the Upper San Diego River Improvement Project Area (USDRIP) and the Gillespie Field Project Area, which are focused on the promotion of private sector investment and development in the two project areas. In addition, California Redevelopment Law requires redevelopment agencies to meet specified affordable housing requirements, and requires that 20 percent increment revenues be used to finance low- and moderate-income housing.

The Gillespie Field Project Area is not zoned for residential development. Accordingly, the County of San Diego Redevelopment Agency utilizes the Department of Housing and Community Development Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) process for funding affordable housing developments in the USDRIP Project Area and adjacent community of Lakeside.

Non-profit and for-profit developers of low- and moderate-income housing are eligible for loans/grants.

Project must be locates in the USDRIP Project Area or be located in adjacent community of Lakeside.

Eligible Units
Units funded with the redevelopment funds must be rent restricted for 55 years.

Affordable Housing Database
Health & Safety Code 33418(c) requires the redevelopment agencies to compile, maintain, and make available to the public on the internet a database of existing, new and substantially rehabilitated housing units assisted with redevelopment Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Funds.

For more information on loans/grants for affordable housing developments, contact Maria Cavarlez at (858) 694-4805.