Section 8 Housing Quality Standards for Inspection


All Housing Authority of the County of San Diego (HACSD) assisted housing units must pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection before the Housing Assistance Payment can begin. The housing unit will also need to pass an annual inspection for assistance to continue. If the housing unit does not pass inspection, it will delay the start of payments or endanger the continuation of payments. An inspection checklist is available to assist in preparing for HQS inspections. 

To help prepare for your HQS inspection, please review the following items:

  • Properly working appliances (stovetop, oven, microwave, garbage disposal, dishwasher, heater, water   heater)
    • All stove or range burners must work
    • All operating knobs must be present
    • Pilot light(s) must be lit
    • Properly installed T&P valve and drain valve on water heater.  Drain pipe (copper, galvanized steel, or CPVC) must be rated to withstand the heat (210 degrees) and pressure (150 psi) of the T&P valve.
  • All utilities are turned on (gas, electric, water)
    • Housing units must have hot water
  • Sinks, toilets and faucets must not have any major leaks
  • Properly working bathroom and stove vent fans
  • Working smoke detectors
  • Properly working outlets and lights
  • Outlet covers free from rust/not cracked
  • Properly working locks on all windows and doors accessible from the outside
  • Windows must not be cracked or broken
  • No dark discoloration on paint, cabinets, and shower areas throughout the unit, which can be an indication of water damage
  • Paint and plaster are not chipping/peeling (for example, window sills, etc.)
  • Floor is not chipping/peeling or missing tiles
  • No broken, rotten or missing steps or boards
  • No excessive garbage or debris in the unit
  • No signs of a rodent or pest infestation

Responsibilities of Tenant

  • Allow and be available for HACSD’s inspection staff to conduct inspections timely
  • Keep housing unit in a safe and sanitary condition during the term of the lease agreement
  • Maintain a clean and sanitary housing unit
  • Maintain minimal accumulation of personal belongings in the unit (items must be properly stored, and have clear pathways)
  • Be responsible for all tenant-caused damage
  • Advise the owner when repairs are needed
  • Cooperate with HACSD in accomplishing inspections

 Responsibilities of Owner

  • Maintain the housing unit to comply with HQS
  • Make needed repairs promptly
  • Cooperate with HACSD in accomplishing inspections and making needed repairs

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