Section 8 Participant Information


About your Unit - If you are looking for a new unit, go to our Available Units page for a list landlords and units willing to participate in the rental assistance programs. Be aware that families are not restricted to the units on this list. You may also look for units on your own.  

If you are looking for a unit to accommodate the needs of a person with disabilities, the Housing Authority is committed to provide services and resources to help you.  The National Accessible Housing Clearing House and have information on accessible units.  The Housing Authority is neither affiliated with nor endorses the National Accessible Housing Clearing House or

Your unit must pass inspection when we come out to look at it.  Use this Inspection Checklist to make sure it does.

If you are living in a house or apartment built before 1979 and you have children living with you under the age of 7, you should know about the hazards of lead-based paint.  *Presentation on Lead Paint     *HUD guide on Lead Paint

Program Rules - The rights and responsibilities for participants of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher can be found in the Family Handbook.

HCD strives to reduce housing discrimination in all areas of housing. You may find more information about housing and discrimination by clicking on Fair Housing Program.

Other information about the Section 8 Program
Our Section 8 program is guided by regulations from the Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as local policies.   

Are you considering a move outside our area?  We have important information you need to know about moving (portability) outside of our area.  

Do you live in another area, but want to use your Section 8 here?  Read the important information about portability before you move here.

View examples of how we calculate your rent, what utility allowances we use, and our current income limits.

Are you interested in a program that helps Section 8 participants develop and continue educational and career goals?  Our Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program may be what you are looking for.

Energy saving programs, bill payment assistance, and rebates are available through SDG&E and your local water authority.  Learn more by visiting our Energy Savings for Low Income Families webpage

In June 2009, a law was passed which gives tenants new rights when their rental unit is being foreclosed on.  

If you suspect a Section 8 participant is violating any program rules, you may call our Program Review staff at (858) 694-4832 to discuss the suspected fraud or send an e-mail to  All information will be kept confidential.

To provide customer service feedback, please complete our online survey.