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(By Ms. Emma Lostritto)

The following video and downloadable pamphlet were recorded and written by Emma Lostritto during her 2011-12 senior year at Serra High School in the San Diego County community of Tierrasanta. As a Girl Scout Gold Award participant, Emma pursued her vision of moving potential voters, in the 18 to 24 age group, to think more about their communities, register to vote, and get involved in the democratic process.

Emma's project and the resulting video and pamphlet were sponsored by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters and exemplify her devotion to engaging young adults. The staff of the Registrar's office had the pleasure of providing initial support and guidance to her project which reinforced Emma's direction and ultimately the materials she produced.

Emma reached out beyond her fellow seniors and teachers at Serra High School by taking her vision to the leadership at the San Diego Unified School District as well as other San Diego County High Schools.

The real benefit of her project - increasing voter registration among young adults - has begun and has the potential to impact hundreds, if not thousands, of young citizens in the future.

iRegisteriVote pamphlet(PDF)