Promote agricultural trade, public health, food security, consumer confidence, and a sustainable environment for the San Diego region.

Agriculture, Weights & Measures

2023-24 Adopted Budget $31M

Agriculture, Weights and Measures (AWM) protects human health and the food supply, supports the region’s $1.75 billion agricultural economy, ensures an equitable marketplace, and fosters a sustainable environment. AWM conducts over 340,000 inspections annually in addition to registration, outreach, investigation, and enforcement to ensure compliance of approximately 12,000 regulated businesses regionwide. AWM also leverages the University of California Cooperative Extension’s (UCCE) expertise and research to benefit the community.

Protecting the Climate & Natural Resources $16.5M

AEM Protecting the Climate & Natural Resources
  • Reduce Greenhouse gas emissions (fleet and solar): Electric Vehicle (EV) conversions $201K
  • Inspect commercial  EV charging stations $242K
  • Implement department sustainability plan $24K 
  • Encourage eco-friendly purchasing $12K
  • Promote sustainable agricultural practices through education and outreach $35K
  • Support $1.75 billion local agriculture industry by mitigating the risks related to invasive agricultural pests and diseases $14M
  • Prevent commercial pollutants from entering the storm drain system $861K
  • Protect California citrus from serious pests and diseases that threaten the growth of citrus on commercial farms and in residential communities $600K
  • Partner with UCCE for additional expertise on pest management $343K
  • Manage bee keeping safety and education programs $250K

Supporting How You Live, Work & Recreate $1.5M

AWM Supporting How You Live, Work & Recreate
  • Promote economic equity and sustainability by ensuring beverage container recyclers pay out the correct amount of money to customers $48K
  • Ensure that consumers and working families are charged the correct prices at the register $874K
  • Conduct nutrition education to underserved communities to promote healthy lifestyles that reduce childhood obesity and chronic diseases $198K
  • Provide gardening and pest management expertise to the community through Master Gardeners Program, and other volunteer programs $360K

Empowering the Community $6.5M

AWM Empowering the community
  • Train staff on equity, diversity, and inclusion topics $71K
  • Involve the community in our programs through meeting and online options $110K
  • Use data to understand and track community needs (Community Needs Assessment) $331K
  • Monitor changes in regulations, develop policy and coordination with other jurisdictions $207K
  • Translate information into threshold and preferred languages $60K
  • Inspect more than 30,000 scales, gas pumps, and other commercial weighing and measuring devices for accuracy $4.9M
  • Inspect produce sold at Certified Farmers Markets $476K
  • Verify organic products and promote sustainable agriculture $383K

Protecting Health $5.8M

AWM Protecting health
  • Collect over 1,000 pounds of empty pesticide containers $7K
  • Inspect and investigate agricultural, landscape, and structural pesticide use to support the safety of workers, the public, and the environment $5.4M
  • Promote the safe and secure storage of hazardous materials at agricultural operations $170K
  • Collect unwanted pesticides to avoid improper disposal $73K
  • Conduct agricultural fieldworker safety trainings $33K
  • Increase acceptance of nutritional benefits at various food outlets in underserved communities and provide more opportunities to purchase healthy locally grown food $90K

FY 23-24 Summary

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Change from FY 22-23 is 0% 

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Change from FY 22-23 is 0%

Agriculture/Weights & Measures, Environmental Health & Quality,  Parks & Recreation, Planning
& Development Services, Public Works, San Diego County Library as well as the Office of Sustainability & Environmental Justice.