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All workers in San Diego County have rights that protect you from being taken advantage of or discriminated agains.

Laws set the minimum wage, protect break, give you overtime pay, provide sick time, and more.  Learn more about your rights at work, file a complaint, or ask a question.

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What does OLSE enforce?

Learn more about the rules that protect you on the job, like pay, overtime, breaks, and more.

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Final Paychecks

If you leave a job for any reason, laws govern when your employer must give you your final paycheck and any wages owed.

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Discrimination at Work

Are you being discriminated against or treated differently? Learn more about how you are protected in San Diego County.

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File a complaint

If your employer is violating the law, we'll help you take action. File a complaint and get more information.

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Equal Pay Laws

You must be paid the same as other workers doing similar jobs. You can't be paid less because of your gender, race, age or other protected characteristics.

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How investigations work

Learn more about the process of an investigation.

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Should I file a complaint

Not sure if you should file a complaint? Learn more.

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San Diego County Minimum Wage

Every worker should make at least San Diego County's minimum wage.

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Prevailing wage rates

If you are a construction worker on a public works project, you should be getting paid the prevailing wage.