Behavioral Health

Caring for San Diegans in need of mental health and substance use disorder services has risen to a top priority, and the County is further bolstering its commitment of resources to these vulnerable residents. Beyond increasing Behavioral Health Services department funding to $817.6 million this fiscal year, addressing behavioral health forms a major component of public safety reform.

Progress continues on key projects strengthening services in our communities. 

  • The facility design for the 16-bed Tri-City Psychiatric Health Facility in Oceanside has been finalized and is pending state approval. It is scheduled to open in mid-2023.
  • Construction is near completion for the community-based crisis stabilization unit at the North Coastal Live Well Health Center in Oceanside. The facility will include 12 crisis stabilization recliners and is scheduled to open in fall 2021.
  • Planning is underway for the Central Region Behavioral Health Hub that will provide an integrated care environment designed to accelerate transition from a crisis to continuous care management.
  • Planning moves forward for the San Diego Psychiatric Hospital, a new acute psychiatric unit at Edgemoor Hospital, and a crisis stabilization unit in East County.
  • The County is leasing land to Rady Children’s Hospital for the development of the Rady Children’s Hub, which will provide a range of critical behavioral health services to children and allow them to transition smoothly between levels of care appropriate to their changing needs. 

San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital will see nearly two dozen additional psychiatric nurses to support ongoing care to clients who are in crisis. 

Behavioral Health will add licensed behavioral health staff to serve youth involved in the juvenile justice system who need mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

Behavioral Health Services also added positions to staff care coordination efforts, including supporting connections to health care for those in San Diego County’s jails.

These investments support the transformation of the behavioral health system from one primarily driven by crisis to a system of continuous care integrated with mainstream health care. 


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"… was a very professional and knowledgeable person who has helped me throughout all my personal issues. I strongly believe that I have become better thanks to her ..."

- Behavioral Health Services Client