High rental prices and low vacancy rates make it extremely difficult for many San Diegans to find affordable places to live. The County is doing what it can to reduce this hardship. Using local, state and federal funds, the County is on track to nearly double the number of affordable housing units over five years to more than 5,000.

Over 80% of the County’s $50 million Innovative Housing Trust Fund has been awarded to 16 developments to increase the region’s inventory of affordable housing by creating or preserving housing units.

The trust fund provides gap financing to developers that create and/or preserve affordable housing. The full $50 million fund could result in up to 1,300 units for low-income, special needs, homeless residents, veterans and seniors.

Funding from the State’s No Place Like Home (NPLH) program is bolstering the number of housing units as well. Funds from both sources are sometimes used on the same project.

The County has also identified five excess properties suitable for developing almost 700 affordable, multifamily residential units. Two of the County-owned property sites are located downtown. Real estate agreements signed last year will put affordable housing developments at the former Family Court on Sixth Avenue and on the corner of Cedar Street and Kettner Boulevard. 

The site of the former crime lab could provide more than 400 affordable housing units. The County and developer worked with Clairemont residents to finalize plans and provide a project that will benefit both those who need affordable housing and the community.

“I lived for four days in the streets and I had to hock my rings… It’s nice to come home to my own place. I’m just so happy, what can I say.”

- Section 8 Client


Households Get Monthly Rental Assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher Program or from Federal Funds Issued by the County


Homeless Veterans Permanently Housed through the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program


Accessory Dwelling Unit (Granny Flat) Permits Issued