Moving Forward

We have a framework for the future. Now we fill in the picture.

With 3.3 million people in the San Diego region, creating a County that works for all means reaching out to our communities more and more to seek out your input to help us serve you better.

Those efforts will span the breadth of our services. Increasing the ability to participate virtually in Board of Supervisors and other meetings. Using your feedback to build neighborhood resources like our Southeastern Live Well Center. Expanding opportunities to bid on County contracts. And so much more.

As always, our top priority remains serving the residents of San Diego County by striving for excellence, equity and transparency in everything we do.

The new budget will continue to fund our core operations but will also include several new departments designed to improve our services with emphasis on reaching all residents.

Our new Office of Equity and Racial Justice will build upon our renewed commitment to social justice.

An Office of Environmental and Climate Justice will work with and help protect disadvantaged communities that have more exposure to air and chemical pollution because they have more traffic or industry, fewer public facilities, less infrastructure or are disproportionately bearing the impacts of climate change.

With the creation of an Office of Evaluation, Performance and Analytics, we’re expanding our use of data to inform the most effective and innovative approaches to our service delivery models.

We have created a Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities to better coordinate both internally and with external partners on reducing homelessness and addressing economic inclusion.

Our new budget will expand medical and mental health services in our County jails. Ten million dollars will be spent to expand mental health Mobile Crisis Response Teams that can respond to crisis calls instead of law enforcement when appropriate.

Advancing our transformation of juvenile justice, we will begin the $75 million second phase of County Probation’s Youth Transition Campus that makes youth detention less punitive and more rehabilitative. The campus will feature classrooms and opportunities to learn trades like cooking, media arts, welding and information technology, all designed to help ensure children reach their positive potential.

In the coming year, backcountry safety will get a boost when three remote fire stations’ staffing increases from two- to three-person teams. And to help our residents thrive, we’ll reestablish efforts to support the arts in our communities and provide equitable access to cultural opportunities.

Through our ongoing COVID-19 response, we will continue to safeguard our residents’ health. Since vaccines arrived, our Health and Human Services Agency has helped give out the second highest number of shots by county in California. That helped deliver one of the state’s highest vaccination rates, with nearly four out of five eligible San Diegans fully vaccinated. In the coming year, we will continue to help equitably distribute vaccinations and to use American Rescue Plan Act money to help people and businesses lead our economic recovery.

We move forward energized by the possibilities before us. With you, we will be working hard to create a County that works for all.