Workshops and Public Notice Related Documents

The Air Pollution Control District actively solicits participation in the rule development process through its public workshop and public notice process.  Workshops are held to discuss proposed rules and their potential impact so that any necessary revisions can be made in the early stages.  Public Notices are published to advise the public of an upcoming action.

Citizens are encouraged to review proposed actions and submit their comments to the District.

If additional information is needed, please email Rule Development or contact the Rule Development staff.

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Upcoming Workshops/Public Notices

Date Description Documents
August 5, 2021

Rule 1210-Toxic Air Contaminant Pubilc Health Risks-
Public Notification and Risk Reduction

Workshop Notice
Avisa del Taller
Rule 1210-Proposed Draft
Rule 1210-Clean Draft

Past Workshops/Public Notices

Date                             Description Documents
July 29, 2021

AB 423 Draft Permitting Report

Notice of Public Meeting
Aviso de Reunión
Draft Report
July 21, 2020
Rule 69.2.2-Medium Boilers, Process Heaters, and Steam Generators Workshop Notice
Rule 69.2.2-Proposed Draft
June 15, 2021

NSR Rule 20.3-Major Stationary Sources & PSD Stationary Sources
NSR Rule 20.4-Portable Emission Units

See 02/03/21 Workshop below for more information. 
Workshop Report Addendum
Rule 20.3-Proposed Draft
Rule 20.4-Proposed Draft

April 22, 2021

2019 & 2020 Air Toxics "Hot Spots" Program

Notice of Public Meeting
Draft Program Report
Final Report
22 de Abril,

Borrador del Informe del Programa "Puntos
Calientes" de Sustancias Toxicas del Aire
2019 y 2020

Aviso de Taller
Borrador del Informe del Programs
Informe Final
March 5, 2021
Regulation X-Standards of Performance for
New Stationary Sources (NSPS)
Public Notice
Reg X-NSPS Proposed Draft

February 3, 2021


NSR Rule 20.1-General Provisions
NSR Rule 20.4-Portable Emission Units      
Title V Rule 1401-General Provisions

Workshop Notice
Rule 20.1-Proposed Draft
Rule 20.4-Proposed Draft
Rule 1401-Proposed Draft
Post-Workshop Documents
February 2, 2021

Rule 69.3.1-Stationary Gas Turbine
  Engines-Best Available Retrofit Control 
Rule 69.3-Stationary Gas Turbine
  Engines-Reasonably Available Control 
Workshop Notice
Rule 69.3.1-Proposed Draft
Rule 69.3-Existing
Post-Workshop Documents

January 26, 2021

Rule 1200-Toxic Air Contaminants-NSR
Rule 1210-Toxic Air Contaminant Public
  Health Risks-Public Notification & Risk
(Table I-Toxic Air Contaminants)
Public Notice
Proposed Table I

November 19, 2020

Rule 61.2-Transfer of Organic Compounds
into Mobile Transport Tanks
Workshop Notice
Rule 61.2-Proposed Draft
Post-Workshop Documents
November 18, 2020
Rule 12-Registration of Specified

Workshop Notice
Rule 12-Proposed Draft
Post-Workshop Documents
September 21, 2020
September 23, 2020

AB 617 Community Emissions
Reduction Program Development

Workshop Agendas:
   - September 21, 2020
   - September 23, 2020

Workshop Notice
Draft CERP Documents:
Executive Summary
Chp 1-Community Profile
Chp 2-Community Outreach
Chp 3-Emissions Inventory Data
Chp 4-Air Monitoring Data
Chp 5-APCD Enforcement Plan
Chp 6-CARB Enforcement Plan
Chp 7-Actions & Strategies
Appendix 3a-Toxic Emissions
Appendix 3b-Criteria Emissions
21 de septiembre
23 de septiembre

Programa AB617 para Reducir
las Emisiones de la Comunidad

Agendas de Taller Comunitario:
   - 21 de septiembre de 2020
   - 23 de septiembre de 2020

Para más información, haga clic aquí.
Aviso de Seminarios Web Publicos

September 16, 2020

Rule 67.0.1-Architectural Coatings

Workshop Notice
Rule 67.0.1-Proposed Draft
Post-Workshop Documents
August 28, 2020

Rule 1200-Toxic Air Contaminants-NSR
Rule 1210-Toxic Air Contaminant Public
Health Risks-Public Notification & Risk
(Tables II & III-Toxic Air Contaminants)
Public Notice
Proposed Tables II & III

July 9, 2020 &
July 13, 2020

Draft Updated Plan for Attaining the National
Ozone Standards in San Diego County

Workshop Notice
Draft 2020 Attainment Plan
Draft 2020 RACT Demo
Draft Initial Study
Draft Notice of Intent
Post-Workshop Documents
June 9, 2020

Rule 40-Permit and Other Fees

Workshop Notice
Rule 40-Proposed Draft
Workshop Presentation
Post-Workshop Documents
January 30, 2020
(2nd Workshop)

Rule 1210-Toxic Air Contaminant Public Health
  Risks-Public Notification & Risk Reduction
Rule 19.3-Emission Information

Workshop Notice
Rule 1210-Proposed Draft 1
Rule 1210-Proposed Draft 2
Rule 1210-Proposed Draft 3Rule 1210-Proposed Draft 4
Rule 19.3-Proposed Draft
Workshop Location Map
Workshop Presentation
Post-Workshop Documents
Written Comments