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Since 1999 the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District (District) has distributed over $127 million dollars which has reduced total pollutants (VOC, NOx, CO, PM) by more than 1,700 tons per year. The District administers a number of state, federal, and local funding programs to reduce emissions from mobile sources.  These programs follow strict state guidelines for eligibility, cost-effectiveness, and selection. The programs require strict accountability and transparency to ensure proper and effective use of public funds.  



Programs may be ongoing or one time only. Funding for ongoing programs is typically on an annual cycle. The District will announce the opening of the application period for a particular program, post applications, and provide a summary of program requirements and links to the State's webpages for the full guidelines. The announcement will give a closing date by which applications must be received. 



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  • Proposition 1B Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program (GMERP)

    Funding in the amount of $1 billion for the Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program was included in Proposition 1B which was approved by California voters in November 2006. The purpose of the program was to reduce emissions from ships, trains, cargo handling equipment and heavy-duty trucks that are part of the Goods Movement industry. The San Diego Border Region (San Diego County and Imperial County) was obligated $60 million over the course of the program. As of April 2018, all funds in the program have been allocated. 

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  • Carl Moyer Program

    The Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Program (Moyer Program) is a grant program that funds the incremental cost of cleaner-than-required engines and equipment. It encourages the use of clean technologies by providing grants to private companies or public agencies to cover an incremental portion of the cost of cleaner on-road, off-road, marine, and locomotive engines.

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  • Voucher Incentive Program (VIP)

    The VIP program streamlines the requirements of the Carl Moyer Program  for funding heavy-duty truck replacements and retrofit devices for fleets of 10 trucks or less. Limited retrofit funding opportunities may also be available for light-duty trucks.

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  • Other Programs

    At various times the District may have special funding programs available. These programs typically come from one time funding sources and it is impossible to predict when funding will be available. In the past, these programs have included incentives for alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure, incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles, incentives to scrap older high polluting vehicles, mitigation funds often related to the development of a power plant, and a special program that allows you to trade in an old gasoline lawn mower and to receive a heavily discounted electric mower in its place.



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