Community Outreach

Community OutreachCommunity Outreach

The District supports the community and organizations which align with our mission to improve air quality to protect public health and the environment. Contact our Community Outreach Office to submit a request to have APCD attend your event and/or promote your event on our Twitter page.


Winners of the 2021 Calendar Contest

Natalie W., 4th grade at Marantha Christian Schools (cover art)

Elianna K., 10th grade at Torah High School (January)

Justin T., 4th grade at Valley Elementary School (February)

Ruthie M., 9th grade at Torah High School (March)

Hannah B., 9th grade at Torah High School (April)

Zeritu C. 4th grade at R. Roger Rowe Elementary School (May)

Lyla T., 2nd grade at Valley Elementary School (June)

Arman M., 4th grade at R. Roger Rowe Elementary School (July)

Alice W., 2nd grade at Carmel Del Mar Elementary School (August)

Ryland Anderson 2nd grade at Nazareth Catholic School (September)

Christie T., 6th grade at Inspire Charter School (October)

Kaylee M., 5th grade at Nichols Elementary School (November)

Caleb T., 3rd grade at Inspire Charter School (December) 

 All students who entered the contest will receive a copy of the calendar in the mail.

To view all the 2021 Calendar Contest entries visit: 

                         See all of the 2021 contest entries - click here

     To request a copy of the 2021 calendar (include your name and mailing address in email)

School and Youth Programs  

The District supports science-based programs that educate youth and families about the impacts of air pollution. We aim to teach students about where air pollution comes from and ways to reduce it in San Diego County.  


Speaker Requests

District staff will come to your school and talk to students about air quality and protecting public health. Community Outreach staff work with teachers to coordinate the best date and time that works with their classroom schedule. Contact the Community Outreach Office to schedule a speaker for your school. (We also give presentations to other youth group programs.)


Outreach Program Contact 

If you would like more information about our outreach programs

please call (858) 586-2739 or email us at