Community Enhancement Program

The Community Enhancement Program is funded by a set percent of Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) revenues. The goal of the Community Enhancement Program is to stimulate tourism, promote the economy, create jobs, and/or a better quality of life. Entities and activities currently funded are cultural activities, museums, visitor and convention bureaus, economic development councils, and other similar institutions/organizations, including County programs and projects, which promote and generate tourism and/or economic development within San Diego County.

Grant funds shall not be used for any purposes prohibited by laws governing the use of public funds, including but not limited to, religious, political campaigning, or purely private purposes or activities.

Read Policy B-58: Funding of the Community Enhancement Program

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Effective immediately, you may now apply to the Community Enhancement (CE) Program at any time during the year. Contact your County Supervisorial District Representative (see below) for funding requests; electronic applications are preferred; application packets can be emailed or mailed to one or more of the five County Supervisorial Districts for review and consideration

Supervisorial District Representatives:

District 1 (Supervisor Greg Cox):
District 2 (Supervisor Dianne Jacob): (619) 531-5522;
District 3 (Supervisor Kristin Gaspar): (619) 531-5533;
District 4 (Supervisor Nathan Fletcher): (619) 531-5544;
District 5 (Supervisor Jim Desmond): (619) 531-5555;

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Community Enhancement Program(Application & Instructions auto-download on click)

Fiscal Year 2019-20 Community Enhancement Awards:

Community Enhancement Program Awards – Historical:

Community Enhancement Awards FY 2018-2019
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2018-2019
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2017-2018
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2017-2018
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2016-2017
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2016-2017
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2015-2016
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2015-2016
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2014-2015
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2014-2015
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2013-2014
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2013-2014
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2012-2013
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2012-2013
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2011-2012
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2011-2012
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2010-2011
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2010-2011
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2009-2010
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2009-2010
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2008-2009
    Detail of Awards by Individual Supervisor FY 2008-2009
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2007-2008
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2006-2007
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2005-2006
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2004-2005
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2003-2004
Community Enhancement Awards FY 2002-2003


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