Neighborhood Reinvestment Program

The Neighborhood Reinvestment Program provides grant funds to County departments, public agencies, and to non-profit community organizations for one-time community, social, environmental, educational, cultural or recreational needs.

To be eligible, non-profit entities must provide services in one or more of the following areas; educational/recreational projects for children and/or adults; local business and tourism promotional activities; arts and cultural programs; environmental awareness programs or projects, including maintaining and increasing open space holdings; public safety programs including fire protection projects; or health and social service initiatives and programs. Public agencies may apply to fund programs and projects that benefit the community and enhance the region’s quality of life.

Grant funds shall not be used for any purposes prohibited by laws governing the use of public funds, including but not limited to, religious, political campaigning, or purely private purposes or activities.

Grant awards are made throughout the fiscal year and there is no deadline for submitting an application.

A higher priority shall be given to requests for capital projects and/or one time expenses.

To apply for Neighborhood Reinvestment Program funding from the County, an applicant must submit a completed application form and cover letter to one or more of the five Supervisors.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent redistricting, your County Board of Supervisors elected official may have changed. Follow the instructions at the following link to ensure that you are submitting your application to the correct Supervisorial District office

Read Board Policy B-72, Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, for more details.

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Please click the “Website” link below each District for more information about each Supervisor and to understand each District’s priorities that guide funding recommendations, including supplemental information required in order to apply, if any.

Supervisorial Districts:

District 1 (Supervisor Nora Vargas)
(619) 531-5511

District 2 (Supervisor Joel Anderson)
(619) 531-5522

District 3 (Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer)
(619) 531-5533

District 4 (Supervisor Nathan Fletcher)
(619) 531-5544

District 5 (Supervisor Jim Desmond)
(619) 531-5555


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Neighborhood Reinvestment Program(Application & Instructions auto-download on click)


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