Pesticide Use Report Data

    The data linked below is derived from pesticide use reports which are submitted on paper and electronically. Both types of data are entered into our databases. This information is collected for submission to the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, who then glean the data for potential errors such as duplicates and abnormal data. The data as submitted to you may not have had this check performed. When we are informed of such aberrant data, such data may be corrected or deleted. Therefore, the data may not match what you have received in the past. The error rates in the past have averaged 1%. Please consider this information if performing statistical analysis of the data.

Pesticide use report (PUR) data is available on Civic Data, a free, open-data solution for government agencies to provide their data to the public: (COMING SOON)

The data is presented in 6 month blocks (January to June and July to December) for each of the last three (3) calendar years.  To download the data sets, click on the View Dataset button next to the dataset you're interested in.  A new page will open for the dataset.  At the top of this page, click the Download button, then, in the dropdown menu that appears, click CSV.  Your internet browser should then prompt you to download the data.