Arts & Culture Commission Members

Group picture of San Diego County Arts and Culture Commission Member

Photo credit Ken Jacques

Pictured from Left to Right: Renée Richetts, Jim Gilliiam, Jay Bell, Ladan Akbarnia, Felicia Shaw, Bob Lehman, Lucas O'Connor, Monica Hernandez, and Ada Shido (youth).

District Appointed Commissioners

Member terms are concurrent with respective District Supervisor's term

 District  Name
 1  Monica Hernandez
 1  Lucas O'Connor
 2  Renée Richetts
 2  Sharlene O'Keefe
 3  Ladan Akbarnia
 3  Jay Bell
 4  Felicia Shaw
 4  Bob Lehman
 5  Jennifer Jeffries
 5    Jim Gilliam

Youth Commissioners

Name Term 
Ever Parmely-Rose May 2, 2025
Ada Shido May 2, 2025
Michael Kozma May 2, 2025

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