Ron Lane


Ron Lane is the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the County of San Diego.  He is the General Manager of the County’s Public Safety Group, working closely with the Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s Office, Probation Department, Office of Emergency Services, Citizen’s Law Enforcement Review Board, the Public Defender, Child Support and the Medical Examiner.  Together, these departments provide critical public safety services to the citizens of San Diego County and have over 7,000 employees and an annual budget of over $1.2 billion.

Prior to this assignment, Ron served as the Director of the County of San Diego’s Office of Emergency Services, and was the Director of the County’s Emergency Operations Center during the 2007 Firestorm.  He has worked for the County of San Diego since 1989, and has served in the municipal courts, Chief Technology Office and Department of Child Support.

He is also a Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, and currently the Commander of a Transportation Brigade at Camp Pendleton, CA.  He has been mobilized and deployed to the Persian Gulf twice, in Desert Storm and for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Ron holds a Masters in Public Administration from San Diego State University, and is a recent graduate of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.