About Us

County Employees Giving Back to the Community

CECO Brochure

CECO has been the charitable arm of the County of San Diego since 1956 and serves the following purpose:

  1. To stimulate among the employees and retirees of the County of San Diego and San Diego Superior Court an interest and concern towards the health, recreation, and human care needs of the local community.    
  2. To encourage generous support of organized community campaigns for established health, recreation, and human care service organizations.
  3. To collect monies for distribution to established health, recreation and human care service organizations.

CECO is managed by County employees and distributes 100% of donations to the San Diego community by way of grants to local non-profit programs and assistance to employees in crisis. For more information, please see the CECO Bylaws


Watch the "CECO Is..." video below to learn more about us.