Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • What is CECO?

    The San Diego County Employees’ Charitable Organization (CECO) has served as the charitable arm of County employees since 1956. CECO collects donations from County of San Diego employees and retirees via automatic payroll deductions and one-time contributions. 100% of the donations collected are distributed back out to the local community via grants to local non-profit organizations and assistance to employees in crisis. Since its founding in 1956, CECO has distributed over $6.6 million throughout the San Diego region.

  • Who manages CECO?

    CECO is entirely employee managed. CECO’s Board of Directors consists of representatives from County departments. The Board of Directors elects the Executive Committee from among its members. The Executive Committee is responsible for the operations and management of CECO. The Board of Directors volunteer their time which allows for 100% of donations to CECO to go directly to local non-profit organizations, and active and retired County employees in crisis.

  • What is the Employee Crisis Fund?

    The Employee Crisis Fund is available to assist County of San Diego employees and retirees who are experiencing a “one-time financial crisis”. An applicant is expected to have met his/her basic needs, as well as any dependents’ needs, from his/her own resources prior to the current crisis. When the crisis is over, the applicant must again be able to meet his/her basic needs. The decision to grant funds is based on the following: the applicant’s eligibility, the applicant’s need, and the circumstances underlying the lack of resources.

  • Why should I give to CECO?

    CECO is an employee-managed, non-profit organization that strives to make a positive impact in the local San Diego by lending a hand to local non-profit programs serving those in need in the community. We distribute 100% of donations to the community by way of grants and financial assistance to San Diego County employees and retirees in need.

  • Are my CECO donations tax deductible?

    Subject to IRS restrictions, your donation is tax-deductible if you itemize on your tax return.