"La Jolla Cove," by Charles Reiffel


Reiffel's "La Jolla Cove," is thought to be a 1940's version of La Jolla's rocky shoreline and cliffs, often referred to as the, "Tide Pools." The foreground depicts a mass of stony outcroppings with a foreshortened, chopped aerial perspective, frothy water meeting spit, and flowering to the midground with calmer waters and a sandy beach with strong dual horizontals.  The distant cliff is  backed by delicate frosting of green vegetation and the background shows the turquoise sea and beyond. The light source is from behind the artist's perspective, showing late afternoon on the horizon line.

La Jolla Cove

Location: County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, 3rd Floor, Room 335

Details: July 20, 1939, oil on upson board, 23" X 29", Project #9701-D, 7-20-93, Asset #150135