"Waterfront," by Charles Reiffel


Depicting a harbor scene of San Diego, the foreground includes fishing boats with slips along side a strong horizontal raised pier in the midground with four fishermen upon it.  The background depicts a rocky shoreline and skips with rolling hills and recognizable San Diego landmark buildings.  Painted with impasto staccato brushstrokes, with a pallet of true San Diego greens, blues, and ochre.

Charles Reiffel is best known for both his landscapes and harbor views.  He is sometimes referred to as a California Plein Air artist who loved to paint the sea.  This harbor scene is a fine example of his bold, modernist style, which he perfected upon his move from the East Coast in 1925 to San Diego.  This work is an example of San Diego's inspiration in Reiffel's bright landscapes, which brought him national fame.

Location: County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, 3rd Floor, Board of Supervisors General Office

Details: 30" X 36", oil on board, framed in custom created period style (California Plein Air) gold gilt wood frame and fillet, Project 3701-D, 8-17-38; picture #1417-41, asset #150136