Innovation and Continuous Improvement

The IT organization is a catalyst for innovative change, and actively encourages exploration of technology innovation for business benefit.  The IT infrastructure will enable continuous technology evolution (grow, add or change) while minimizing impacts to infrastructure use and improving operational performance.



Technology is an integral part of the County’s business, and the IT organization is responsible for spearheading technological innovation and solutions in partnership with business groups for business value. 



· IT will develop and maintain a digital workplace environment that serves to attract and develop an agile, adaptive, knowledgeable and skilled workforce that will make informed technology decisions and deliver business-driven technology solutions.

· The County will selectively support and evaluate innovation pilots/prototypes to determine how they can be adopted as enterprise-wide services. 

· External IT service providers and vendors are expected to enable and offer innovation where it brings benefit to the County.  

· Service providers are also expected to drive continuous improvement throughout the service lifecycle by developing and maintaining an understanding of County service improvement and innovation needs, and by measuring outcomes against the expectations defined in system business cases.