Reuse, Buy, Build

The County will follow a rigorous solution architecture process that will implement the following preferences for delivering new functionality:

· To meet requirements for new business functionality, the County prefers to re-use existing County applications, services, tools, components and functions. 

· The County will seek to acquire the functionality in COTS or Cloud based software. 

· For functionality that cannot be acquired, the County will consider business process re-engineering and custom development as a third alternative.



Clear articulation and adherence to prioritized criteria for reuse / buy / build decisions will ensure greater flexibility, extensibility and cost/time efficiencies in technology solution development, deployment, and maintenance.



· Existing County technology assets (e.g. applications, services, tools, components and functions) will be documented and available for reuse.

· Prioritized criteria for reuse/buy/build decisions will be documented and used consistently in analysis for delivering new functionality.

· A high-level of connectivity and interoperability among all hardware, software, communication components, external suppliers / vendors, and customers will be sought.