IT Outsourcing Agreement

Effective 11/15/2016

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IT Telecommunications Service Agreement


Schedule A Definitions
Schedule A Definitions Appendix A.2 Assigned Contracts
Schedule A Definitions Appendix A.3 Assigned Leases
Schedule A Definitions Appendix A.4 Contractor Software

Schedule 1.2 Offeror's Proposal
Volume I Terms and Conditions
Volume II Technical
Volume III Price

Schedule 2.1 Transition Plan
Schedule 2.2 Termination Fees During Transition

Schedule 3.2 Form Bill of Sale
Schedule 3.3 Form Assignment and Assumption Agreement

Schedule 4.3 Operational Services
Schedule 4.3 Exhibit 4.3-1 Contractor's Solution
Schedule 4.4 Asset-Management Upgrades-and-Enhancements
Schedule 4.8 Service Levels
Schedule 4.8 Exhibit 4.8-1 Special Service Level Requirement

Schedule 5 Invoices and Reports
Exhibit-5.1 Telecom Fees

Schedule 7.2 End-User Satisfaction Surveys
Schedule 7.3.1 Standards and Procedures Manual
Schedule 7.6 Shared Resources

Schedule 8.1 License Agreement

Schedule 10.1.1 Contractor Key Personnel
Schedule 10.3 Relationship Management

Schedule 12.1.1 Information Privacy and Security, CORI, CLETS, and County Facility Access
Exhibit 12.1.1-1 County Privacy Incident Report Form
Exhibit 12.1.1-2 CORI-CLETS Training Request Form
Exhibit 12.1.1-3 Employee-Volunteer Statement Form
Exhibit 12.1.1-4 Private Contractor Management Control Agreement
Exhibit 12.1.1-5 Federal Bureau of Investigations Criminal Justice Information Services Security Addendum

Schedule 14.1 Approved Subcontractors

Schedule 16.1 Fees
Schedule 16.1 Fees Exhibit 16.1-1 Resource Unit Price Summary 
Schedule 16.1 Fees Appendix 16.1-1a Fees (Sample Calculations)
Schedule 16.1-1 Appendix 1 New Site Install Variable Components
Schedule 16.1 Fees Exhibit 16.1-2 Resource Unit Price Decomposition
Schedule 16.1 Fees Exhibit 16.1-3 Maximum Annual Fee
Schedule 16.1 Fees Exhibit 16.1-4 Labor Categories
Schedule 16.1 Fees Exhibit 16.1-5 Firm Fixed Price for Applications Maintenance & Operations - Portfolio Applications
Schedule 16.1 Fees Exhibit 16.1-5b Firm Fixed Price for Applications Maintenance and Operations 
Schedule 16.1-6 Resource Unit Price Summary Option Term
Schedule 16.1-7 ELA Pricing Adjustments
Schedule 16.7 Benchmarking Methodology
Schedule 16.8 Fee Reductions
Schedule 18.2 Third Party Contracts

Schedule 19 Insurance


Approved Contract Changes

COSD-057 ScreenScape Services
COSD-058 Desktop - Mini Workstation Resource Unit
COSD-059 Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Support
COSD-060 Video Streaming - COC Chambers Resource Unit

COSD-061 Extension of Interim Service Levels
COSD-062 Service Level 31 Hardware IMAR Update
COSD-063 Monochrome Network High Volume Printer - Large Format Resource Unit Fee Revision
COSD-064 Citrix Account Resource Unit
COSD-065 Applications M&O FFP Reduction
COSD-066 Extension of Interim Service Levels 44 and 45
COSD-067 Application Developer - Advanced Technology
COSD-068 Desktop - Engineering Workstation Gold Resource Unit
COSD-069 Network Equipment Refresh Deferral
COSD-070 Enterprise Application Access Resource Unit
COSD-071 Virtual Fax Resource Unit
COSD-072 Name Change
COSD-073 Extension of Interim Service Levels 44 and 45
COSD-074 Schedule 18.2 - Third Party Contracts
COSD-075 Federal Grant Provisions
COSD-076 Mobile Device Support Services - Intune Resource Unit
COSD-077 Resource Units Banding Revision
COSD-078 WebEx Video Conferencing Services Resource Unit
COSD-079 Service Level Updates
COSD-080 Third Party Transaction Resource Unit
COSD-081 ConnectWell San Diego Development / Test Server Resource Units
COSD-082 Service Level 53-1 Application Reponse Time (Interim) Update
COSD-083 Cloud IaaS and PaaS Resource Unit
COSD-084 Applications M&O FFP Reduction
COSD-085 Electronic Signature Resource Unit Revision
COSD-086 Service Levels 44 and 45 Update
COSD-087 Mobiity Services Resource Unit Revision
COSD-088 Cloud Iaas and PaaS Resource Unit Interim Pricing
COSD-089 Duo Hardware Token MFA Resource Unit
COSD-090 Audio/Video Conference Rooms Standardization
COSD-091 Oracle Exadata X8M Resource Units
COSD-092 Laptop - Standard LTE and Tablet - Surface
COSD-093 FirstNet Mobility Services Resource Units
COSD-094 Multi-Factor Authentication Service
COSD-095 External DNS Management Enhancement RU Revision
COSD-096 Apple MacBook Support
COSD-097 Service Level 40 - Daily Backup - Revision
COSD-098 Clonetab and DIMSNet Solutions Resource Units
COSD-099 Wildfire Scanning Service RU
COSD-100 SL25 Revision
COSD-101 Print Outputs Delivery Schedule Revision
COSD-102 Edgemoor Skilled Nursing Facility Active Directory (AD) Account Creation
COSD-103 Engagement HQ Resource Unit
COSD-104 NetBackup Solution RU
COSD-105 NetBackup Solution RU Fee Revision
COSD-106 Application M&O FFP Reduction Contract Year 6
COSD-107 Service Level 46 - Server Software Update - Revision
COSD-108 Survey Solution Support Services Resource Unit
COSD-109 Voice Services Resource Units Restructure
COSD-110 Electronic File Sharing Services Resource Unit
COSD-111 Service Level 27 - End User Satisfaction Revision
COSD-112 ScreenScape Services Resource Unit Name Change