Compromise Of Arrears Program (COAP)


What is a compromise of arrears?

It is a debt reduction program for eligible participants with past due child support (also called arrears) owed to the state.

Child support may be owed to the state government because the minor children received cash aid or were placed in foster care.

If you qualify for COAP, you may pay a reduced amount to satisfy your balance, rather than full amount due. Any reduction in your arrears will be based on your current income and assets.

What COAP doesn’t do:

  • Forgive the entire debt
  • Change monthly child support obligations
  • Reduce arrears owed to the Custodial Party
  • Reduce spousal support arrears


  • Don’t stop paying on current child support because you are applying for COAP.
  • You must provide complete information and documents with your application.
  • Be honest on your application.


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