Income Share Agreement


Fund your education with an income share agreement!

The San Diego Workforce Partnership and UC San Diego Extension are offering a new way to advance your career. The Workforce ISA Fund offers access to high-quality certification programs in fast-growing technology fields, such as Front-End Development and Business Intelligence. They also provide career readiness, mentoring, and job placement support.

What is an ISA?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) offers access to education without having to worry about student loans. The fund fronts the cost of a student’s education, which the student pays back in payments based on a percentage of income. It’s not a loan. Pay nothing up front. 

Why use this ISA?

No payment is owed if you do not get a job after graduation that pays in excess of $40,000. Payments stop if your income falls below a living wage or you experience a period of unemployment.


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