EPIC+ Eligibility

 EPIC+ Program Benefits


 Required Performance Standards

All EPIC+ business must meet all the required performance standards:

  • A valid Unified Program Facility Permit in good standing.  Please submit through the CERS website
  • Been inspected by HMD within the last 24 months and not overdue for inspection 
  • Submitted a complete EPIC+ application to HMD
  • Had 2 or fewer Class II or minor violations and no significant violations at their last inspection
  • Have at least one business employee attend the EPIC+ seminar or complete online training as available. Employee must attend EPIC+ seminar or complete EPIC+ online training course at least every twelve months.
  • Rated less than 15 points during HMD compliance inspections.
    • Businesses already in the program scoring 15 or more points during a compliance inspection will be ineligible to continue in the EPIC+ program.
  • Had at least 2 HMD inspections.
    • New facilities are eligible after the initial inspection if parent business achieved all performance standards.
    • Abbreviated Large Quantity Medical Waste and Underground Storage Tank inspections do not count toward two initial inpsections.
  • Had the same business operator for the last two HMD inspections.
    • A change of ownership may have caused a change in facility operator.
Failure to maintain performance standards will trigger return to a 24-month inspection interval and standard fee schedule.


 Scoring System


Class I Violations (Significant): 15 points each



  • Operating without valid UPFP
  • Failed to notify CUPA of onsite hazardous waste treatment, per Tiered Permitting requirements
  • Unauthorized disposal of hazardous waste
  • Unlawful transportation of hazardous waste
  • Did not report a release or threatened release

Class II Violations: 10 points each


  • Failed to annually certify HMBP
  • Failed to report material/waste in CERS
  • Failed to provide or update emergency contact info in CERS
  • Hazardous waste stored on site too long
  • Employees not trained
  • Repeat violations

Minor violations: 4 points each (Includes minor violations corrected on site)


  • Annual carcinogen/reproductive toxin list not submitted
  • Medical SOLID WASTE not secured against unauthorized persons
  • Generating hazardous waste with inactivated EPA ID number


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