Unified Program Facility Permit (UPFP) Fees FY 2023-2024

Fee Code General UPFP Fees 65.107(k) Fee
6HBASE Base Fee Required for all permits (other than flat rate UPFPs listed below) 65.107(k)(1)  $398  
6HMAT HM Fees per hazardous material (HM) as reported in CERS inventory (Max $3,440) 65.107(k)(4) $86/item
6HWASTE HW/MW Fees per medical and/or hazardous waste item as reported in CERS 65.107(k)(2)(b) $86/item
6HLQGMW LQG MW Fee per business generating 200 lbs. or more of medical waste in a month 65.107(k)(8) $771
6HUST UST Fees per Underground Storage Tank 65.107(k)(5) $480/tank
6HAPSA1 APSA I Fee per facility with APSA shell capacity of 1,320 - 9,999 gal 65.107(k)(18) $293
6HAPSA2 APSA II Fee per facility with APSA shell capacity of 10,000 - 100,000 gal 65.107(k)(18) $356
6HAPSA3 APSA III Fee per facility with APSA shell capacity of 100,001 - 1 million gal 65.107(k)(18) $465
6HAPSA4 APSA IV Fee per facility with APSA shell capacity of 1,000,001 - 10 million gal 65.107(k)(18) $1,580
6HAPSA5 APSA V Fee per facility with APSA shell capacity of over 10 million gal 65.107(k)(18) $1,921
6HRMP1 CalARP Program I 65.107(k)(12)(a) $347
6HRMP2 CalARP Program II & III 65.107(k)(12)(b) $415
6HRMPTIME CalARP Review per hour for public document review and consultation 65.107(k)(12)(c) $184/hr
6HTCE CE Fee for onsite HW Treatment under Conditionally Exempt (CE) tier 65.107(k)(3)(a) $277
6HTCA CA Fee for onsite HW Treatment under Conditionally Authorized (CA) tier 65.107(k)(3)(a) $486
6HTPBR PBR Fee for onsite HW Treatment under Permit By Rule (PBR) tier 65.107(k)(3)(a) $833
Fee Code Flat Rate UPFPs    
6HMIVLR MIVLR1: Minimal Inventory Variation/Low-Risk business 65.107(k)(4)(c) $480
6HMED SQG MW+HW2: Small Quantity Generators of both medical and hazardous waste 65.107(k)(7) $135
6HPHOTO Photo Waste3: Annual Notification Only Fee 65.107(k)(14)(a) $81
6HREMOTE Remote Site4: Unstaffed facility as designated in HSC 25507.2 (one-time fee) 65.107(k)(14)(b) $1,162
6HUCSD UCSD5: Flat Annual Rate 65.107(k)(19) $25,680
Fee Code Hazardous Materials Plan Check (AB3205) Fees    
6HBP1 Non-exempt sites amending their HMBP as part of Building Permit process 65.107(k)(11) $426
6HBP2 Exempt sites questionnaire review evaluated as part of Building Permit process 65.107(k)(12) $94
6HBP3 Day Care questionnaire review for City of San Diego 65.107(k)(15) $318
Fee Code Additional Fees    
6HNONOTIF Permit Non-Notification Fee 65.107(k)(17) $403
6HREINSP Re-inspection Fee (equal to base fee) 65.107(k)(1) $398

Hazardous Materials Division Hourly Rate

*Initial fee for Special Projects Assistance Program (SPAP) is a minimum of 2 hours

65.107(m)(6) $184/hr

Fee Code

State Surcharges (CUPA Fees) for Unified Program Oversight



6HCUPA1 State Surcharge for CUPA Program Oversight 15240(c) $94
6HCUPA2 Underground Storage Tanks (per tank) 15240(c) $20
6HCUPA8 Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act 15240(c) $26
6HCUPA3 CalARP 15240(c) $370
6HCUPA5 State Surcharge for CUPA Program Oversight – Military Sites 15240(c) $73.74


1 "Minimal Inventory Variation Low Risk Business Operations" are those businesses not subject to the Underground Storage Tank Program or the Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act andare limited to the following facilities: unmanned telecommunications sites; food and beverage facilities where compressed gases related to beverage carbonation is the primary hazardous material; dry cleaners; car washes with no auto repair or maintenance activities; facilities where a fuel tank associated with an emergency generator is the primary hazardous material; and facilities where propane associated with forklift operations is the primary hazardous material.
2 Unified program facilities subject only to HSC Chapter 6.5 as small quantity hazardous waste generators and no other unified program requirements,and which generate less than 200 pounds per month of medical waste. (Unified Program Facility Annual Permit Base Fee not required).
3 Facilities that are subject to the Unified Program solely because they recycle photochemical wastes to recover silver and are subject to an annual notification only (Note: Facilities with a valid Small Quantity Medical Waste Generator Biennial Registration are not subject to this fee).
4 A “Remote Site” refers to an unstaffed facility located at least one-half mile from the nearest occupied structure if the facility is not otherwise subject to the requirements of applicable federal law, and all the requirements set forth in HSC 25507.2 are met.
5 University of California at San Diego (UCSD) sites limited to contiguous UCSD owned property on and around Gilman Drive in the City of San Diego.


Unified Program Facility Permit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • How do I pay my fees?

    To pay online, go to www.dehpay.com. Select the "DEHQ" tab and search for your full permit record (e.x DEH####-HUPFP-######). Do not enter in any other search criteria.  Once your record is found, select the "Payment" option and then click "Fees". Pending fees will be displayed and then you can click the link "Pay Fees." Follow the prompts to complete the payment submittal. Please note that partial payments cannot be made online, only the full amount due can be paid. To pay by check: Please cut the bottom portion of this invoice as indicated on the reverse side and send it to the address listed. Checks are payable to: County of San Diego - DEHQ. To pay in person, you may visit our office at 5500 Overland Avenue, San Diego, 92123.

  • What happens if I make a late payment?

    An initial delinquent fee of $50, or 50% of the permit fee whichever is less, is assessed if payment is not received by the permit expiration date. An additional delinquent fee of $100 or 100% of the permit fee whichever is less, for a maximum total delinquent fee of $150 or 150% of the permit fee, is assessed if payment for the permit fee and initial delinquent fee is not received by the last day of the month following the permit expiration date.

  • How are the Unified Program Facility Permit (UPFP) fees calculated?

    Permit fees are based on the permit type and also the number of hazardous materials and wastes. Facilities with more hazardous materials or wastes will have higher fees than a business with one material or waste. UPFP fee elements are based on information required to be reported in the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) and shall be based on the most recent information in CERS, including any updates "accepted" by the DEHQ Hazardous Materials Division (HMD) prior to calculating an annual invoice amount (these calculations are typically made 90 days before a permit renewal date). It is the responsibility of the facility owner/operator to verify and submit CERS information that is up to date and accurate, and that exempt items are not being reported. DEH is not obliged to reduce CERS-based fees where a correction to any "accepted" CERS date element would result in a lower fee https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/deh/hazmat/hmd_permits.html.

  • What happens when there is a change of ownership or if I need a new permit (UPFP)?

    UPFPs are site specific and nontransferable. A new owner or operator must notify HMD within 30 days of the change of ownership to comply with the law. The permit application process is conducted online by the facility using CERS. For assistance with the process, you must complete a CERS Application and submit it to HMD. For more information on CERS, please visit CERS Information

  • I moved my business location; what do I have to do?

    UPFPs are site-specific and non-transferable. The owner must notify HMD 30 days prior to the relocation and complete the permit application process for the new location. To inactivate the existing permit, the owner or designee can select "NO" to all of the questions on the Business Activities Page and make a submittal in CERS. For assistance with the process, call the CERS Help Desk at (858) 505- 6990.

  • I am closing my business soon, what do I do?

    The owner or their designee can select, "NO" to all of the questions on the CERS Business Activities page and make their submittal in CERS. This will notify HMD that the facility no longer requests a permit (UPFP). It is also helpful to add a "Comment to Regulator" in CERS regarding the business closure when submitting the updated facility information. This should be done 30 days before closing the facility. An HMD inspector will then conduct the site inspection to verify no hazardous/medical waste or chemicals are left behind and that there is no contamination observed on the property.

    Questions regarding this process should be directed to your HMD inspector or you can reach out to the HMD Duty Specialist at 858-505-6880.

  • I lost my UPFP, can I get another copy?

    Yes, upon request, a copy of your permit can be mailed to the business. For a green duplicate permit to be created, and a hard copy mailed, there is a small replacement fee of $18.00. Contact HMD at: (858) 505-6661 to request a copy.

  • Why are my permit fees higher than last year's fees?

    The current fees are effective for fees due on or after each July 1 of each year. Facilities that updated their information by adding hazardous or medical waste, chemicals, underground tanks, and other regulated activities when reporting in CERS may have a higher permit fee than before. If you suspect a billing error, please refer to the HMD Permits website

  • How can I reduce my UPFP fees?

    A facility can reduce their permit fees by reducing the type and amount of hazardous materials and wastes and/or making sure the hazardous materials and waste reported in CERS is accurate, up to date, and required by law to be reported. Outdated inventory information in CERS can contribute to permitting fees that are higher than expected.

  • Will my permit fees be affected if I include an item in my CERS submittal that is not required to be reported?

    Yes, the information regarding the hazardous materials and regulated wastes reported by the facility in CERS is used to calculate permit fees. For example, if a business recycles drained, used oil filters and they are not being managed as a hazardous waste, or shipped off site under a uniform hazardous waste manifest, they should not be reported in CERS as the item will be billed.

  • I changed my business name (not change of owner); what do I need to do?

    If the business name has changed and there is no change of ownership, a new permit is not required but you need to update the information by logging into CERS, updating the Facility Information element, and adding a "Comment to Regulator" in CERS that this is a "business name change only". For assistance, please call our CERS Help Desk at 858-505-6990.

  • How can I update the mailing address on my invoice/permit?

    Any changes to the facility and contact(s) information, including mailing/billing addresses, must be made by updating the Business Owner/Operator Identification page a making a submittal in CERS.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions about my Unified Program Facility invoice?

    For questions, please contact HMD via email at hmdutyeh@sdcounty.ca.gov or call (858) 505-6661 and leave a message. There is staff on duty M-F, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm that will respond to your message. Online information is also available on our HMD Permits website

  • What are the CalEPA surcharges observed on the permit invoice?

    The CalEPA surcharges will impact facilities regulated under the Unified Program and are used to fund the costs of the state agencies with Unified Program responsibilities. The surcharges collected are forwarded to CalEPA as required by State law. For more information, please visit CalEPA's wbesite regarding CUPA State Surcharges.