Additional Information Required for Water Wells Proposed in Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)-mandated Groundwater Basins


As of January 1, 2018, additional information is required on applications for water wells drilled in SGMA-mandated groundwater basins, which include the Borrego Valley, San Diego River Valley, San Luis Rey Valley, and San Pasqual Valley Groundwater Basins. Information for each basin, inclusing maps of their locations, is available on the San Diego County Sustainable Groundwater Management web page. 

The passage of Senate Bill 252, which added Article 5, Wells in Critically Overdrafted Groundwater Basins, to chapter 10 of the California Water Code requires collection of specific information for water wells proposed in critically overdrafted groundwater basins. Currently the only groundwater basin in the San Diego County designated as critically overdrafted is the Borrego Valley Groundwater Basin. This information is being collected in all SGMA-mandated groundwater basins at the request of the Groundwater Sustainability Agency (County of San Diego, Planning and Development Services). 

To facilitate the collection of the required information, DEH has revised the Well Permit Application and created a Supplemental Well Application. The Supplemental Well Application is included in the Well Permit Application, and must be submitted for wells proposed in SGMA-mandated groundwater basins. Wells drilled by Cities and Counties to provide water solely for the residents of the City or County are exempt from this requirement. 

Water well permit applications received by the County of San Diego are available for review through the Environmental Health Document Library