Landowner Requirements



Health and Safety Code, Section 25297.15, requires the primary or active responsible party to notify all current record owners of fee title of an Unauthorized Release site before SAM considers proposals for cleanup, a proposal for site closure, or issues a site closure letter.

If you are the active responsible party and the only property owner on the property title, we need to receive a letter certifying that to be the case; otherwise we need a letter identifying all current record owners of fee title.

If there are owners in addition to the primary responsible party, the primary responsible party must certify to SAM that the owners have been notified when a cleanup proposal or site closure proposal is made, or before SAM makes a determination that no further action is required. In addition, if property ownership changes, the primary responsible party must notify SAM of the change within 20 calendar days of being informed of the change.

The List of Landowners Form, will aid in providing the landowner fee title information to SAM. The List of Landowner Form is also available as a pdf form.

The Notice of Proposed Action Form, will aid in providing SAM the notification of the Proposed Action (cleanup onsite closure proposal). This is a reformatted version of the State Water Resources Control Board's (SWRCB) Sample Letter 3 that the primary responsible party may use to inform SAM that all current record fee title owners have been notified of a cleanup or site closure proposal, or SAM's intention to make a determination of no further action. 

For additional information related to Landowner Notification and Participation Requirements please see the SWRCB's web page LG-158 New Landowner Notification and Participation Requirements.