Site Assessment and Mitigation Staff


Land and Water Quality Division

Administrative Staff

Division Chief

                Lars Seifert                                              858.495.5572

Program Coordinator

                Keith Kezer                                              858.495.5752


Site Assessment and Mitigation Program

SAM Organizational Chart


General Numbers

        SAM Desk Duty Phone                                   858.505.6808

        Monitoring Well Program                               858.505.6688       



Colleen Hines

858.505.6874 Program Manager
Hydrogeological Staff    

Kevin Heaton

858.505.6878 Senior Hydrogeologist
Technical Staff    

Laurie Apecechea

858.505.6993 Voluntary Assistance Program

James Clay

858.505.6969 Corrective Action Program
Project Managers    

Laurie Apecechea

858.505.6993 VAP, LOP, Public Records

Ed Paredes

858.505.6806 Project Manager

Teresa Sherman

858.505.6797 Project Manager

Ewan Moffat

858.505.6856 Project Manager

Kevin Heaton

858.505.6878 Senior Hydrogeologist

James Clay

858.505.6969 LOP, CAP, VAP

Jon Senaha

858.505.6798 Monitoring Well Program

Veronica Tavizon-Hitchner

858.505.6789 Monitoring Well Program

Edwin Andrus

858.505.6921 Public Records Manager