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Fight the Bite patches

The Fight the Bite patch project guides Girl Scouts through learning about mosquitoes and mosquito transmitted diseases, and encourages them to make a positive difference in their communities by spreading mosquito awareness. This project is most appropriate for Junior level scouts and above. 

Scouts that complete the project will receive a Fight the Bite patch and the opportunity for their troop to tour the Vector Control headquarters. 

Download the Fight the Bite Patch Project description

Email us with questions or to let us know your troop has finished the project!

Attend one of our Mosquito Awareness workshops         patch worksheet

aedes mosquito
mosquito larva


What do mosquito larvae really look like?


Explore Your Community - Find and Eliminate Standing Water!

Check your home and the homes of your friends and family for standing water and mosquito breeding. Look for any amount of standing water (even a 1/4 inch is enough for a mosquito to lay her eggs) and dump it out!

Tip!  A flashlight can help you check for larvae in dark places.

Tip!  For some breeding sources, like ponds, fountains, or rain barrels, it might not be possible or desirable to dump out the water. Your parents can add mosquito fish (free from the County) or mosquito larvicide (like Mosquito Dunks) to the water instead. 

Below are some tips on where to look, but remember that mosquitoes can breed in as little as 1/4" of water. Get creative and see what weird places you can find standing water. Don't forget to dump it out when you do!

house diagram

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