Jacumba Eye Gnat Project


Residents in Jacumba have submitted complaints about eye gnats impacting their quality of life. The County of San Diego recognized the concerns of the homeowners and residents of this community in relation to large eye gnat populations generated from nearby agricultural activities.

In response to community needs the University of California Cooperative Extension, San Diego County, was tasked with understanding the dynamics of the increased eye gnat population in Jacumba. Several emergence trials were conducted which resulted in the development of eye gnat population reduction recommendations for the farm.

These recommendations are now recognized in the Eye Gnat Nuisance Prevention Plans listed below. 

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) was notified on June 7, 2012, that the farming operation known as Bornt Farms in Jacumba was ending. DEH requested that the farmer take appropriate steps to ensure that a public nuisance did not develop as a result of eye gnats breeding after the voluntary farming operation abatement measures were removed. 

The farmer proposed the application of a long-lasting form of Sevin (pesticide) to the farm field north of Highway 80. The application of Sevin, south of Highway 80 was not necessary because those fields have been fallow and dry since September 2011. 

An application of the pesticide Sevin was applied to the farm fields north of Highway 80, by vehicle mounted equipment on Thursday, July 12, 2012.

The DEH Vector Control Program continued to service the community monitoring traps through October 2012. 

To report an eye gnat problem, please call the Vector Control Eye Gnat Reporting Line Toll free at (855) 518-5419 or (858) 694-2629, or e-mail at vector@sdcounty.ca.gov. It is helpful if you include the following details in your report: the date, time of day,  location, an approximate number of eye gnats, and climate conditions, including temperature and wind.  

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