Vector Control Program Funding

Vector Control Program funding sources

Funding for the Vector Control Program (VCP) is primarily through two sources: a service charge and a benefit assessment. Both are assessed through property tax statements annually. The service charge has been fixed since 1996. The benefit assessment was first levied during fiscal year 2005-2006 when San Diego County property owners voted to approve the Mosquito, Vector and Disease Control Assessment for improved mosquito, vector and disease surveillance and control services. It is reassessed annually and supported by a comprehensive Engineer’s Report which is published each year and contains programmatic information and vector data for the proposed benefit assessment.

For the fiscal year 2024-25, the proposed benefit assessment rate is $10.76 per single-family equivalent and the service charge is $2.28-3.00 per parcel. 

The Vector Control Program recorded a presenation for the public about the program and an update on the benefit assessment for FY 24-25. The presentation can be viewed in English and Spanish:

VCP Benefit Assessment

Evaluación de beneficios del VCP

Closed captions are available on the videos. They can be translated using the auto translate option in the video settings menu. 

Engineer's Report

Engineer's Report FY 2024-25 (coming soon)

Engineer's Report FY 2023-24


The Office of Audits & Advisory Services (OAAS) completes a yearly audit of the Vector Control Benefit Assessment in order to determine whether Mosquito, Vector and Disease Control Assessment funds are used in accordance with the ballot measure provision approved by voters. The report can be read on the OAAS website.


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