Prevent Mosquitoes In Potted Plants

Keep mosquitoes our of your potted plants! Invasive Aedes mosquitoes will lay their eggs in as little as 1/4” of water. Even the small amount of water that collects in the saucer under a potted plant is enough to cause a mosquito problem. Follow the tips below to help prevent mosquitoes.



Avoid overwatering plants. Dump out excess water that collects under the pot after watering or after rain. Keep the saucer dry or dump the water out once a week.



Filling saucers with fine gravel or sand can make it more difficult for mosquitoes can lay their eggs. The rocks or sand should go high enough that there is no visible water surface.


Invasive Aedes mosquitoes lay their eggs on the side of containers. Wiping out saucers and the outside of pots with a sponge can help to remove eggs.



Don’t leave unused pots and saucers outside where they can collect rain water and debris.  Store them inside or upside down.

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Potted plant with sand photo by Delta Vector Control District


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