Community Event Permits

What is a Community Event?

  • A public event in an unincorporated area of San Diego County
  • Sponsored by a California nonprofit organization or governmental organization
  • Planned to last more than 4 hours, but less than four 4 days

Community Event Permits (CEP)

A CEP is written approval from the County of San Diego for your event. The Department of Environmental Health and Quality (DEHQ) handles Community Event permits and coordinates with other County agencies during the permitting and approval process.

  • For alcohol sales, you must apply to DEHQ prior to obtaining the ABC license.
  • A non-profit organization may conduct a maximum of 6 community events within a 12-month period.
  • Food vendors operating at an event must obtain a separate Temporary Food Facility Permit.

CEP Main Application
Form A – Fill this out if your event has FOOD
Form B – Fill this out if your event will have NON-FOOD related MERCHANDISE VENDORS, FIREWORKS or will be HIRING SECURITY.
Form C – Fill this out if your event has a BIKE RIDE
Form D – Fill this out if your event has ROAD CLOSURES (i.e. Parade or Race)
Form E - Fill this out if your event has 2,000+ total in attendance per day. Also ensure the following Waste Diversion Report is completed and emailed to within 30 days after the event.
Temporary Food Event VENDOR Application

Per SDCC Sec. 21.203 – An application must be submitted at least 30 days, and no more than 1 year, before the first day of the proposed event to allow for adequate processing time and review. A Community Event Permit cannot be issued for applications received less than 30 days prior to an event.

Submit Completed Application

The coordinator will contact you to discuss any Supplementary Forms required.


(858) 999-8920


Department of Environmental Health and Quality
P.O. Box 129261
San Diego, CA 92112-9261
ATTN: CEP Coordinator

General Questions?

  (858) 505-6900

For Community Event assistance, contact the CEP Coordinator (858) 694-3614.