Aerial Mosquito Larvicide Applications

To better protect our communities and the environment, the Vector Control Program (VCP) applies mosquito larvicide via helicopter to mosquito breeding areas that cannot be treated by hand. These aerial applications occur every three to four weeks during the mosquito breeding season, generally April to October, or as needed.

The granular larvicides used by the Vector Control Program act specifically on mosquito larvae and will not harm people, pets, plants, or wildlife. The larvicide consists of granules containing Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, Lysinibacillus (Bacillus) sphaericus, and/or Saccharopolyspora spinosa products. These naturally occurring bacteria target mosquito larvae and prevent them from developing into biting adults.

Larvicide information

2021 Aerial Application Schedule
  • May 5 and 6, 2021

Please note, aerial larvicide application dates are subject to change depending on mosquito trap counts. If counts are high, larvicide will be applied every three weeks. If counts are moderate, larvicide will be applied every four weeks. If counts are low, larvicide will not be applied.

If you would like to sign up to receive e-mail announcements of scheduled aerial applications, please click on the link: E-Gov Delivery Notice Subscription and subscribe to Aerial Mosquito Larvicides Application, Countywide under Environmental Health.

Aerial Larvicide Application Locations

Name of Site City Acres
Kit Carson Park Escondido 10.5
Lake Hodges Escondido 20
Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Course Rancho Bernardo 5.3
Rancho Bernardo Lakes, Salviatia Rancho Bernardo 7
Rancho Bernardo Lakes, Bel Etage Rancho Bernardo 7
Rainsford's Pond/Old Course Rd San Diego/4S Ranch 5
The Landing Rancho Bernardo 2
Goldentop Road Rancho Santa Fe 6
San Dieguito River – Bing Crosby Rancho Santa Fe 4
Watson Ranch San Diego 6
Lusardi Pond Rancho Santa Fe 5.5
Sabre Springs San Diego 16
Lindo Lake Lakeside 6.5
Cactus County Park Lakeside 12
San Diego River – Town Center Santee 5
Carlton Oaks Santee 4
Willowbrook Lakeside 65
Sycamore Creek Santee 20
Chubb Lane Santee 3
Lake Kumeyaay San Diego 23
San Diego River – near Home Depot San Diego 7.5
San Diego River – Qualcomm Way San Diego 7
Salt Creek Chula Vista / San Diego 4
Otay River, Broadway / Beyer Chula Vista / San Diego 20
Chula Vista – Hollister Street Chula Vista / San Diego 43.5
Otay River, West Hwy 805 Chula Vista / San Diego 20
Otay River, East Hwy 805 Chula Vista / San Diego 20
Dairy Mart Road San Diego 37
Swap Meet San Diego 8.75
Tijuana River, Hollister San Diego 43.5
Carmel Creek San Diego 17
Peñasquitos Lagoon San Diego 70
San Diego Polo Grounds San Diego 66.2
Derby Downs San Diego 25.5
San Elijo Lagoon, East and West Encinitas / Solana Beach 80
Las Olas, East and West Carlsbad 30
Laguna Riviera City Park Carlsbad 27
Evan's Point Carlsbad 6.5
Buena Vista Lagoon Oceanside / Carlsbad 120
Fireside Park Oceanside 5.5
San Luis Rey River Oceanside 30
Huula Dr. Oceanside 14.7
Foss Lake Oceanside 27
Libby Lake Oceanside 1.5
Talone Lake Oceanside 8
Guajome County Park Oceanside 40
Antique Gas/Guajome Adobe Oceanside 9
Lake Rancho Viejo & San Luis Rey River Fallbrook 13.5

Total: 48 locations & approx. 1035.45 acres


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