Prevent Mosquito Breeding

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs and grow in as little as 1/4" of standing water. Dumping out standing water removes sources of mosquito breeding and is essential to preventing mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illnesses. Some mosquitoes will even lay their eggs in water inside homes! Use the resources on this page to prevent mosquito breeding in and around your home.

Where should you check?

Go through each section on the checklist below to determine where in your yard and home you may have standing water. That water should be dumped out, treated with a larvicide, or have mosquitofish added to it. Following each section of the checklist is a list of resources for preventing and controlling mosquito breeding in those sources. Printable Checklist



 I have a birdbath
 I have old tires
 I have buckets or containers
 I have tarps
 I have lawn ornaments or decorations
 I have trash cans
 I have a wheelbarrow
 I have watering cans



 I have flower vases
 I have potted plants indoors
 I have water bowls for my pets
 I have a clogged drain in my bathroom
 I have an infrequently used guest bathroom
 I have dishes or water glasses sitting out
 I have an unfiltered aquarium
 I have un-screened doors and windows


Rain Barrels and Rain Water

 I have a rain barrel with a lid
 I have a rain barrel with no lid
 I collect water in buckets
 I might have clogged gutters


Drains, Irrigation, Plumbing

 I have french drains in my yard
 I have lawn drains
 I have a sump pump
 I have a septic tank



 I have potted plants with saucers underneath
 I have potted plants indoors
 I have bromeliad plants
 I have lucky bamboo plants


Pools, Ponds, Fountains

 I have an unfiltered pool or spa
 I have a pond
 I have a fountain
 I have a water trough for a horse


Hidden Sources

 I have a chain link fence
 I have bamboo
 I have a tree with a hole in it
 I have trash or clutter around my home


Fun and Games

 I have children's toys in my backyard
 I have a tire swing
 I have a basketball hoop with water-filled base
 I have a children’s water table


Once you have eliminated mosquito breeding sources in your yard, talk to your neighbors – mosquito control is a shared responsibility. Feel free to share any of the resources on this page!

Even after removing all breeding sources, it may take about a week to see the number of adult mosquitoes decrease. Mosquito repellent can help to prevent bites. 

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