Valley Fire Debris Disposal Bin Program

To help the community with the recovery process, the County of San Diego will be placing debris bins at public locations in the community near the Valley Fire burn area for residences whose dwellings were affected by the fire.  The bins will be used to dispose of fire debris and recyclable materials from their properties.  The community bin site locations are shown below.

To help individual property owners that have lost their homes, the County is also offering to deliver bins to individual properties to reduce long haul distance with multiple loads to the bin locations.  Requests for bins by individual property owners will require a lease agreement be signed by the property owner, authorizing the County to enter onto the property to drop off and manage the bins.

County staff will be working continuously with the community to identify their need for bins and coordinating delivery, hauling, and disposal of fire debris. For more information on the debris bin program, the County has established the following information line:

  • Valley Fire Debris Disposal Bin Program information line: (619) 928-8694.

We encourage members of the unincorporated community to visit for more information on recovery and rebuilding.

How Fire Debris Bin Service Works:

Community Fire Bin Locations:

  • The County has established community fire debris disposal bin sites at the following locations:

  • The community sites will include large bins that can accept the following types of burned fire debris:

    • ash and other non-recyclable fire debris

    • metal recyclables

    • concrete recyclables

    • limited amounts of green yard waste fire debris recyclables

  • County staff will be at the community bin sites to ensure materials are properly disposed of in the appropriate bins and for hauling and disposal of debris to landfill or recycling facility. 

  • Property owners will need to provide their name, address, and contact information so the County can track and quantify materials delivered to the community bin sites for transportation and disposal to a landfill or recycling facility.

  • County staff will provide fencing to secure the community bin sites, will protect the sites from stormwater runoff, and will clean up the sites daily.


Site Specific Bins for Destroyed Homes:

  • For private properties that have been destroyed, the County will deliver any of the four types of debris bins to your property. Agreements are required to ensure the proposed use and legal placement of the bins comply with the program.


Homeowner Responsibilities:

Property owners are responsible for safely transporting fire debris to the community bin disposal sites and segregation of fire debris into the appropriate bins.  Property owners may choose to work directly with their homeowner’s insurance provider to facilitate debris removal from private property, or request assistance from nonprofit volunteer groups who specialize in fire debris removal from fire damaged properties. These volunteer groups have experienced, trained staff and have been successfully utilized during past fire recovery events.


Schedule and Timing:

  • Community debris bins are currently available and will remain in place until December 5, 2020.
  • Community bin locations are currently open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Days and hours of operation are subject to change based on demand.
  • Private property debris bins are being coordinated directly with fire survivors that have lost their homes.


Additional Information:

All property owners who wish to dispose of fire debris at the bin sites are required to adhere to all applicable health and safety guidelines, including air quality and dust abatement measures to ensure that fire ash does not become airborne.  The San Diego County Fire Debris Disposal Bin program will not accept hazardous materials, electronic waste, or universal waste.