Private Development Construction Inspection

PDCI provides inspection of County permitted private development in the unincorporated areas of San Diego County, as well as permitted utility improvements within the County Maintained Rights-of-Way. PDCI ensures projects and work are completed in accordance with approved plans and State and County requirements to assure safe, environmentally sound, and livable communities and roads are provided for the public. 

BMP protected slope

Major Subdivision/Mass Grading 


Encroachment Violation


Excavation Permit 

Inspection of permitted private development projects include:

  • Major and Minor Subdivisions
  • Curb Grades
  • Excavation Permits
  • Utility Installation Permits
  • Construction Permits
  • Grading Permits
  • Sewer Construction Permits 

Right-of-Way Enforcement PDCI enforces right-of-way encroachments. If there is a report of an illegal encroachment in the County right-of-way, we will investigate and obtain compliance.

Watercourse Enforcement PDCI provides flood protection for the community by taking enforcement actions to ensure the quality and nature of the watercourse is intact.

PDCI also inspects permitted projects to assure they meet minimum stormwater requirements. The following links provide guidance on the County’s stormwater requirements and other standards for construction.

2022-2023 Stormwater Permit Compliance

Accela Citizen Access Will assist you in performing a number of functions online.

Caltrans Standard Plans

DPW Standards

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Grading Ordinance

Grandfathering Status of Projects Under the 2013 Regional Stormwater Permit Letter

Right-of-way Permits & Forms

Trust Account Customer Service Unit Provides customers online access to their financial accounts associated with land development projects.

Watershed Protection Ordinance (WPO)


Expiration date for projects with Prior Lawful Approval Exception

The use of the Prior Lawful Approval Exception (also known as grandfathering) of stormwater development planning requirements under the 2007 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit will be ending on February 16, 2021. Previously excepted PDP Projects may include multi-phased project with future grading permits or those that constructed on-lot Structural BMPs that will come back for a building permit. Under these scenarios, no additional permits (Grading, Building, etc.) will be issued under the 2007 MS4 Permit after February 16, 2021 and those projects will be required to comply with the BMP Design Manual. A sample letter describing more specifics can be found here.

Please contact your PDS Project Manager for more information and assistance in complying with these updated requirements.  


Inspection Requirements Additional Information

Supervised Grading Report Deadline

Supervised Grading Report Form -- MS Word Document

Supervised Grading Report Form -- Acrobat Version

Rough Grade Process and Information


Do you need a construction plan change or can you record plan it? Grading Tolerances are currently being updated. Please contact your assigned inspector.


Preliminary and Final Punchlist

PDCI Plist Template As a development achieves 80% completion, the developer may request the DPW Inspector to prepare a Preliminary Punchlist to initiate necessary repairs or corrections. Upon submittal of Record Plans, the DPW Inspector will review field conditions and prepare a Final Punchlist for the permit. Punchlists will include remaining field work and paperwork required to close the subject permits. For public improvements and stormwater compliance features, additional DPW sections may participate in the Punchlist generation process.


Right of Way Field Hours Tracking

Field and Travel Hours Charged by County of San Diego form The purpose of this process is to better serve permittees who request a per visit written understanding of field and travel time hours spent by the DPW inspector for right of way work. The permittee or delegated superintendent onsite will be responsible to maintain the form and the inspector will fill it out each visit when it is made available. The process will include accounting for DPW inspector's actual time spent during the inspection effort including travel time. In addition to monthly financial statements provided by DPW, this information will allow the permittee to help track their expected expenses by County inspectors. In addition, the DPW inspector will make an improved effort to make contact with the onsite permittee or delegated superintendent when visiting the project to foster improved communications and address and resolve outstanding issues as they are identified.


County Office Location

Private Development Construction Inspection (PDCI)
5510 Overland Ave, Suite 210, MS O-350
San Diego, CA 92123

The PDCI counter is now open by appointment from Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm. To reserve an appointment, please contact the office at (858) 694-3165.  


PDCI Lead Staff

Kamilah James
PDCI Program Manager

Raymond Barrion 
Senior Civil Engineer 
Northwest Team

Ashley Sullivan
Senior Civil Engineer 
Northeast Team & Right-of-Way Enforcement

Mark Principe
Senior Civil Engineer 
South Team & Watercourse Enforcement

PDCI Inspector Contact List

Comments Contact PDCI or submit your Supervised Grading Reports via e-mail at

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