Permanent Road Division

A Permanent Road Division Zone (PRD Zone) is a district which provides property owners a mechanism to pay for private road maintenance in a geographically defined area.  The County of San Diego’s Permanent Road Division Zone program provides maintenance services to 68 PRD Zones that have approximately 95 private road centerline miles throughout the unincorporated areas of San Diego County.

Road maintenance services are paid by the property owners through special benefit assessments/taxes that are placed on the tax rolls, which are voted on by the landowners themselves.  The boundaries of the PRD Zone generally include properties fronting on or using the road(s).  Road maintenance services are provided by the Department of Public Works through contractors.  Maintenance of roads provides property owners with a safe and secure way to access their homes and to travel to and from the community.  In addition, regular maintenance of the roads helps keep the overall repair costs down and protects the residents’ investment in their roads.  

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