BMP Fact Sheets

Structural BMPs help prevent pollutants (including trash, oil, metals, fertilizers, pesticides, and sediment) from leaving your property, entering nearby storm drains, and impacting our waterways.

Routine inspection and maintenance are needed to ensure that your structural BMPs are operating properly. The fact sheets below offer tips for properly maintaining your BMPs. 

Click on the BMP types referenced in your structural BMP verification letter to view information about similar BMPs. You can also view our Structural BMP Information Guide (Guía de Información) to learn more about our program.

For BMPs that require vegetation, our California-Friendly Vegetation Fact Sheet offers suggested plant species that are more likely to thrive in BMP conditions.


Structural BMP Information Guide
Structural BMP HOA Guide
California-Friendly Vegetation
Cisterns and Underground Vaults
Drain Inserts
Tree Wells
Detention BMPs
Hydrodynamic Separators
Vegetated BMPs
Dispersion Areas
Infiltration BMPs
Biofiltration BMPs w/HMP


County regulations require that responsible parties take specific actions to prevent water pollution. Under the Watershed Protection, Stormwater Management, and Discharge Control Ordinance (WPO; Section 67.801 et seq. of the San Diego County Code of Regulatory Ordinances), property owners, operators or Home Owners’ Associations must ensure the continued operation and maintenance of stormwater structural BMPs located on their properties.


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