Structural BMP Operation and Maintenance Verification Forms

Owners of BMP(s) will receive a letter annually in the mail requesting them to verify maintenance of their BMP(s). Operation and Maintenance Verification Forms will be mailed with the letters and include instructions on how to inspect and maintain your BMP(s). Make sure to record your inspection findings and maintenance activities in your form(s). View an example of a completed Operation and Maintenance Form for more information on how to fill it out.

To access PDFs of fillable Operation and Maintenance Verification Forms for your structural BMPs, select the type of BMP(s) you have on your property from the table below.

BMP Type Examples
Vegetated BMPs Bioretention area, biofiltration area, tree pit style unit, buffer strip, vegetated swale, flow-thru planter, and proprietary biofiltration
Filtration BMPs Sand filter
Flow-Thru Treatment Control BMPs Catch basin drain filter insert, catch basin with media, curb inlet filter, curb inlet filter with media, media flume filter, and downspout filter
Infiltration BMPs Rock swale, infiltration trench, infiltration basin, and permeable pavement

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