The Rainbow Green Streets Project will install a series of subsurface wetland channels along segments of Fifth Street, Huffstatler Street, and Rainbow Valley Boulevard to treat runoff in the area around Rainbow Creek. Approximately 27 driveways and associated storm drains within the public road right-of-way will be improved as part of the County’s effort to install this infrastructure. Five-hundred linear feet of new sidewalk, curb, and gutter will also be installed to reduce flooding in the roadway and to divert surface runoff to treatment areas.


Conceptual rendering of a subsurface wetland channel.

Community: Rainbow

Drainage Area Treated: 325 acres

Pollutants Removed: Nutrients, trash, sediment, debris, bacteria.


A conceptual rendering of a subsurface wetland channel is shown in the adjacent image. This conceptual rendering does not represent the project's final design.


What to Expect

Work by utility providers is currently underway. It is anticipated that construction of the County project will begin in Summer 2023, and be completed in Winter 2025.

Please note that construction dates are subject to change due to compliance requirements, inclement weather, and/or other unforeseen circumstances. 

During construction, the County will make every effort to minimize disruptions along Huffstatler Street, Fifth Street, and Rainbow Valley Boulevard. While most work will occur within the public road right-of-way, temporary access to private property will be needed in some cases. There will be temporary impacts to utilities, and to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Traffic control measures, including signage placed prior to and during construction, will be implemented to ensure the safety of our customers.