Waterscape Rebate Program



AIEPPhoto Credit: Vallecitos Water District

Get a free irrigation audit & cost sharing to upgrade your irrigation system for water & cost savings.

Our rebate for agricultural growers will help you to cover the cost of irrigation upgrades recommended in a free irrigation evaluation, conducted by Mission Resource Conservation District. An irrigation system evaluation assesses whether an existing system is either overwatering or providing crops with the required amount of water at the correct time.

Our Agricultural Program Director will perform this free evaluation by assessing the existing irrigation system during operation to determine system pressure, system uniformity, flow-rates and much more. They’ll also complete a visual inspection of other factors and conditions affecting your system’s performance.

After this evaluation, you will receive a report with recommendations on how to improve your overall system efficiency and follow an optimal irrigation schedule. The Program Director will also discuss observations made while in the field, and provide information on the use of CIMIS (California Irrigation Management Information System), irrigation scheduling, water budgets and best management practices.


Total irrigation system efficiency incorporates the following:

  • Irrigation system performance
  • The uniformity of water application, or distribution uniformity
  • Soil types
  • Soil water-holding capacity
  • Crop evapotranspiration rates
  • Weather patterns
  • Irrigation cycle schedules


What are the benefits?

Benefit #1

Save on your water costs.

An efficient irrigation system provides crops with the required amount of water at the correct time. This helps avoid costly overwatering — and when you have acres of crops, the savings will add up quickly.


Benefit #2

Identify problems before they occur.

When an expert takes a look at your irrigation system, you can be confident they’ll catch any problems in the making — before they make problems for your bank account. 


How much is my rebate?

For eligible growers, you can receive a full, free irrigation system evaluation conducted by Mission Resource Conservation District.

When you implement the recommended efficiency upgrades, you’ll receive up to $550/acre or $5,000 — whichever is lower.

Who's eligible?

Agricultural producers within unincorporated San Diego County.

Growers must have one or more acres of planted, irrigated agricultural material.

Check if you’re eligible by following the instructions on the Program Eligibility page.



AIEPPhoto Credit: Vallecitos Water District

What are the requirements?

Growers must receive a free irrigation system evaluation conducted by the Mission Resource Conservation District’s (MRCD) professional staff. An itemized list of suggested upgrades will be provided after the evaluation. Participating growers must implement the suggested efficiency upgrades to receive reimbursement of up to $550/acre or $5,000 per property. Documentation of equipment purchases may need to be provided to MRCD. 


Apply today.

This rebate is offered by the Mission Resource Conservation District.

To sign up for a free agricultural irrigation system evaluation, contact Ani Vartanians at either of the following:

Phone: (760) 728-1332 

E-mail: appointments@missionrcd.org

Please include acreage, crop type, and contact information.