Waterscape Rebate Program



Rain-Friendly Pavement

Install porous pavement that allows water to flow through it.

Improve the appearance of your driveway, parking lot or garden by replacing paved areas with more modern and more sustainable options.

When we replace natural land covers (like grasslands and forests) with conventional pavement, we lose the water-retaining role of the soil and vegetation. You can regain those benefits while retaining the beauty of pavement with these permeable options. They’ll help catch precipitation and runoff, allowing it to seep naturally into the underlying soil. Plus, modern paving designs can help you to increase the beauty of your property.



What are the benefits?

Benefit #1

Improve the look of your home.

Modern pavers and grid designs can add sustainable features that can help increase your property value and modernize the look of your yard.


Benefit #2

Keep pollutants out of our water.

A significant amount of water pollution comes from surface runoff. Because permeable pavement catches precipitation before it escapes to the storm drain, the water can be absorbed naturally through the soil. 

How much is my rebate?

Residential property owners can get up to $15 per sq. ft. of pavement replaced, with a maximum lifetime rebate of $6,000 per property.

Commercial property owners can get up to $15 per sq. ft. , with a maximum lifetime rebate of $10,000.

Current funding availability is limited.  If you want to be notified when additional funding is available, please submit an interest form and check "Rain-Friendly Pavement". 

Who's eligible?

Commercial and residential property owners in unincorporated San Diego County.

See if you’re in the Unincorporated Area of San Diego County by checking your address in the embedded map on the Program Eligibility page.

Existing hardscape may be replaced with:

  1. Permeable interlocking pavers
  2. Pervious concrete
  3. Porous asphalt
  4. Grid pavements, with grass or gravel infill (artificial turf not permitted)

What are the requirements?


Sustainable pavement options include:

  • Permeable interlocking pavers
  • Pervious concrete
  • Porous asphalt
  • Grid pavements, with grass or gravel infill (artificial turf not permitted)

All projects must meet the following requirements:

  • No more than 10% slope in the project area (Driveways can go up to 10%)
  • A drainage area to permeable pavement ratio that does not exceed 1.5:1- this means that the entire area that drains onto your pavement cannot be more than one and a half times larger than the pavement.
  • Installation by a qualified and licensed professional (Interlocking Concrete Pavers Institute or National Ready-Made Concrete Association certifications required).
  • Inclusion of concrete divider strips as edge restraints- these dividers help contain the flow of water so that it stays inside and drains through your pavement area.


Rain-Friendly Pavement

What documents are needed from me?

Before you start an application:

  • Two clear photographs of each pre-project area.

During the application process:

  • Participants should work with the chosen contractor to submit project design and site plan.


Need help determining your pavement area slope and percolation rate?