About the San Diego County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Office

No Medical Care Services Are Provided At This Location – Call 911 to request an ambulance.


The San Diego County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Office is part of Public Safety Group – San Diego County Fire.  

All County EMS Staff are working remotely. There are NO in-person services available. Please call or email with any questions.

The San Diego County EMS Office mailing address is:

      5560 Overland Avenue, Suite 400, MS: O-302
      San Diego, CA, 92123



The County EMS Office serves as the LEMSA under California Heath and Safety Code 1797.200.


The County EMS Office:

  • Provides EMS credentialing for prehospital personnel
  • Approves training programs for prehospital personnel
  • Designates agencies and entities participating in the countywide EMS delivery system
  • Collects data and monitors system activity within the LEMSIS network
  • Develops policies and protocols governing the delivery of emergency medical services in the county
  • Provides the framework for medical quality improvement activities
  • Provides EMS disaster and other facilitative services (Duty Officers) on a 7/24/365 basis
  • The EMS Section provides administrative services to County Service Areas 17 & 69
  • Oversight of the County’s backcountry ambulance program known as the Unified Service Area.